Schools, please don't use Microsoft's crap

I’ve been going to this school since 2018, and it was mostly fun. However, there was one thing that always bothered me, and that’s the fact that we were the first “digital class” in the school. That is, we were the first to use Microsoft Teams to manage the classes, share information, etc.

Me being a Linux user, I was very annoyed by the fact that I was forced to switch to Windows because of Office and Teams. Although Teams now has a Linux client (Made with Electron1. Ew!), I’m really not gonna install that spyware. Plus, there’s still no Office on Linux.

All of this MS crap just sucks. As a whole. It’s slow (seriously, loading a text-based chat takes 5 seconds?), it’s UX is bad (even by web application standards), everything about it is bad.

The good solutions are right there. Use Matrix, IRC, Jabber, hell, email, I don’t care, just please something other than this Microsoft crap. Alternatives exist.

And then I saw this huge “Certified Microsoft school” (or something similar) sign on the wall. MY SCHOOL WAS LITERALLY BRIBED BY MICROSOFT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

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